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HOLY LORD I'M ACTUALLY BACK. by HiddenGalaxy HOLY LORD I'M ACTUALLY BACK. :iconhiddengalaxy:HiddenGalaxy 2 2
1-5 Brewing Storms, Not Coffee
    The storm was brewing. The seagulls that flew against the dark coal sky appeared as contrasting white blurs, filling the sky with even more abstractness, almost appearing as if it were all a dream. Awful gusts whacked against thin trees and slammed against brick homes and gushing waves crashed against flooding shores and small storefronts. How much longer would the sky cry? How much longer would it yell and roar? Why was it so angry?
   Or was it hurt? Or lonely? Or sad? Was it feeling like me as I watch it commence in my flooded doorway? The panic I felt when the first wave washed in through the weak door, why was I crying?
   “Wipe your eyes,” she said. “Go get some sleep too.”
   I did as she said and when the cascading sea drained, a bright, sunny day reflected out of my glassy eyes. It was nice outside, but she was right, I needed sleep. But, the storm was only brewing.
   A dark heap of material lay
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Five More Minutes
A dark heap of material lay over my body like a comforting cocoon. I didn’t want to get up. It was too hard to move. We have to go, she said. I rolled over.
   I heard her tempered footsteps slowly begin to trail up the wooden stairs. I’ll be down soon, I replied and then added, in a minute. Her footsteps trailed off in the opposite direction. Five more minutes. I didn’t want to see him, but I did. I dreaded this. I was in absolute agony. I propped one of my arms up, and struggled with the second.
   I heaved a heavy sigh and sat up on my knees. This wasn’t good anymore, this small trip. It was bad, it was embarrassing. I couldn’t believe myself thinking I had a chance, a chance with a league so far away that only the best could reach and would actually deserve to keep. I wasn’t the best, I was moderate. On the line. I didn’t deserve that prize, I didn’t deserve any prize. He wasn’t mine to take. I couldn’t
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at this time
i realize that you’re different
not the same
i still cling onto hope
as if it weren’t already true
that you’re still the same
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It Was Only a Dream (P1)
   Anxiety coursed through me as I looked upon my new home. A new home that would eventually be filled with countless memories. Just thinking about it made my fingers shaky. This was a new beginning, a fresh, new story that was waiting to unfold.
   “Isn’t it great? We’re finally here,” my dad said proudly, with his hand on my shoulder. I nodded and marveled at the beauty of the new atmosphere. The light forest that surrounded our new home, the crystal clear sky, the smell of the freshly cut grass. Just seeing it all was something from a past dream. It all felt like a past dream that had finally come true. “Your mother and Nicole are inside already, why don’t you go in with them? I need to help these workers navigate throughout the house.”
   I looked back and saw all the workers shuffling through the two trucks like bees in a beehive. They all seemed confused as to what they were supposed to be doing. “You d
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A Poem For Him.
You are my
Other half, the one who
Understands me and has always
Reached out and stayed
Every single time I messed up.
Amazing, you can give me
Love and you're the
Light to my darkness.
Terrific, you have made me
Happy, for that you're
Astounding, I definitely
Think too much and I'm
Scared that I'll ruin it all.
Overreacting at every second.
No one has ever made
Me feel the way that
You do, you're all that's on my
Mind and I'm sorry but
I can't help it and I think I
Never will but now I ask myself...
Do you feel the same?
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Avengers Christmas! by HiddenGalaxy Avengers Christmas! :iconhiddengalaxy:HiddenGalaxy 5 0 Loki Chibi by HiddenGalaxy Loki Chibi :iconhiddengalaxy:HiddenGalaxy 3 3
 He's been here for ten minutes now, and he hasn't said anything.  
 I couldn't take the silence too much longer, so I decided to turn things up a bit. "Shane!" I burst out of the deep feelings inside me.
 He turned his head towards me and served up that smirk that I'm pretty sure no one could resist. "Yes?"
 I stood up across from him on the couch. "It's been two years since I've been hiding this from you. I hope you actually have been hiding the same thing from me..."
 "I have been hiding something from you, and I think it's the same thing."
 Right then and there my heart shattered. I'm so done with waiting. "Close your eyes a second, I have a surprise for you."
 He obeyed my command and glued his eyes shut and refrained from looking at what I was about to do.
 I shuffled across the floor and stood in front of him, and took him all in with my eyes. "You sure they're closed?"
 He nodded. This was my chance. I sat next to his warm body,
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Licking The Wound
Anne looks down at her young boys with compassionate eyes. She strokes her youngest's hot forehead, and smiles.
 "Mother, should I take Austin to the store to get some medicine?" Her oldest asks impatiently.
 His mother crouches down to her knees. "Oliver, can you do this for  me?"
 Oliver nods, and runs up to his room quickly.
 Anne hugs Austin. "You'll be okay, hun." And then she kisses his warm forehead. "I promise,"
 "Austin!" Oliver calls as he makes his way down the stairs. "Come put on your coat so you don't get even more sick!" Austin runs to his twin, takes his cherry red coat, and puts it on himself. "Mother we will be back soon."
 Their mother hugs them both and sends them off with some money.
 The store isn't far from their house, so Anne isn't worried until she receives a phone call exactly eleven minutes after they left.
 "Hello, is this Mrs. Ferroe?" A familiar voice inquires impatiently.
 Anne tightly grips her phone, "Y
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I Saw You In My Dream by HiddenGalaxy I Saw You In My Dream :iconhiddengalaxy:HiddenGalaxy 0 0 Zero... by HiddenGalaxy Zero... :iconhiddengalaxy:HiddenGalaxy 15 8 Madness In Lyoko by HiddenGalaxy Madness In Lyoko :iconhiddengalaxy:HiddenGalaxy 4 7 Smiling With Him by HiddenGalaxy Smiling With Him :iconhiddengalaxy:HiddenGalaxy 3 26 Titanium by HiddenGalaxy Titanium :iconhiddengalaxy:HiddenGalaxy 3 8 My Fabulous Nails. by HiddenGalaxy My Fabulous Nails. :iconhiddengalaxy:HiddenGalaxy 0 12



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